Following #CU420

KUNC is following the developing story with the crackdown on the annual 420 event on the CU Boulder campus.

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  1. After relative calm, hundreds of CU420 protesters entered CU campus, and found a new gathering away from Norlin Quad, the site of last year's event. At 4:20pm, despite attempts from University officials to stop the event, hundreds of smokers 'lit up' and smoke filled an area just feet from where police had placed no trespassing signs and cordoned off with yellow tape. At the height of the protest, rumors swirled that singer Wyclef Jean had left his own concert at another location on CU's campus to protest. However, those were quickly quashed.  
  2. Clouds of smoke hang in the air over Denver's Civic Center Park. Crowd there much larger then at CU420 event.
  3. View from news helicopter of CU420 protesters.
  4. For perspective. View from above. The CU420 protest at CU Boulder.
  5. The larger protest/event seems to be in Denver's Civic Center Park.