#ldcop16 in Tweets

On 15th June 2016 the Kent and Medway Learning Disability Community of Practice went Kent Surrey Sussex wide with support from various partners including Helath Education Kent Surrey Sussex and the England Centre for Practice Development.

  1. Over 86000 people with learning disabilities in Kent Surrey Sussex with diverse and small workforce #ldcop16
  2. Learning Disability is a protected characteristic, not a diagnosis says Dominic Slowie #ldcop16
  3. @dominicslowie observing that comparative data will be important to commissioning and funding #ldcop16
  4. @NHSEngland employing 3 people at band 6 providing healthy career option for people with LD #ldcop16 https://t.co/1OERS1TAd0
    @NHSEngland employing 3 people at band 6 providing healthy career option for people with LD #ldcop16 pic.twitter.com/1OERS1TAd0
  5. 90% of mothers have a abortion when they find out there child will be born with Down's syndrome @dominicslowie #ldcop16
  6. We have the power to change hearts and minds and raise public awareness #ldcop16
  7. #ldcop16 BRIGHT FUTURES is a college course but could advertise more widely through partnerships and @kandmldcop @dmarsden49 @GeorgeMatuska
  8. #ldcop16 How can we best prepare healthcare staff to make best interest decisions appropriately?
  9. Burgess Autistic Trust presenting about support strategies for people who display sexualised behaviours #LDCoP16 #IDHEKSS
  10. #ldcop16 Is there an appetite for joint social care/healthcare modules to staff working in LD?
  11. #ldcop16 What support do trainee doctors have to improve knowledge of LD? @HEE_KSS
  12. Simulated hospital admissions at #cccu to raise awareness of LD amongst adult nursing students. Wonder if anything similar @LSBU? #ldcop16
  13. @EKHUFT Mortality Review showed an above average number of LD pts died from #Sepsis. Why?! #ldcop16 #healthinequalities #questions
  14. LD Social Care organisations struggle to get specialised health training for staff- have experienced this as a support worker #ldcop16
  15. #ldcop16 Some students have travelled over 150 miles to come to our event!👏👏👏👏
  16. ChrisHardyRNLD : "We nearly had our daughter taken from us becus midwife made judgements about people with LD" scottwatkin #ldcop16
  17. @BCUNursingteam we should get service users more involved in the planning & improving of courses #ldnursing #makeitloud #ldcop16
  18. The Anticipatory Care Calender could definitely improve health of ppl w/ LD where I work - must talk to my managers about it #ldcop16
  19. @FPLD_Tweets talking about project where people with LD are being asked what they think of their care #LDCoP16 #IDHEKSS
  20. Why is sex such a taboo amongst those who work with LD? #ldcop16
  21. @DownsSideUp #ldcop16 Language used in pregnancy about Downs -"risk" "suboptimal outcome". Prejudice starts in the womb
  22. @DownsSideUp Hayley and Sally you are our inspirations thank you for speaking today and your powerful and personal messages #ldcop16
  23. @DownsSideUp So humbled to listen to you & Sally speak today at the #ldcop16 event in Crawley #inspirational
  24. How truly inspirational and emotional #ldcop16 was yesterday. Wonderful speakers including @scottwatkin @DownsSideUp @sallyephillips
  25. Great day @kandmldcop #ldcop16 with old friends & new. Tears were shed, gauntlets thrown & plans refreshed. pic.twitter.com/WY8eGKIMVU