Gentrification is ________.

As part of KQED's Priced Out series, Forum spoke to local writers and activists about what gentrification looks like in the Bay Area. Forum's online community weighed in as well, completing the sentence: Gentrification is __________." You can listen to the show here:

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  1. Great if you own, bad if you rent and can't afford more.
  2. what happens as the population increases and the amount of land remains finite.
  3. Gentrification is being a native born San Francisco Chicana and in one night attending a vibrant play at the Brava Theater then dancing at Little Baobab surrounded by white techies and feeling like they are thrilled to be experiencing diversity but will not contribute in any way to the arts and music culture of our neighborhoods.
  4. causing an epidemic of evictions including 98 year old women who have been in their homes for decades.
  5. If there were a significant safety net (child care, elder care, etc.) this would not be such an issue. But our safety net includes our neighbors and relatives who live nearby.
  6. A double-edged sword. Often those residents responsible for the gentrification of a neighborhood are eventually unable to afford living there.
  7. Those with little or no access to online social media platforms being displaced by those who probably work for same online social media platforms.
  8. As a visual artist living in SF my biggest issue with the tech fueled gentrification is that there is little to no support for what I do among the techies. I would be perfectly happy with all of the change if they simply supported what makes this city great but instead they seem to find no value in the arts in general. I will be moving my family to Alameda where the schools are better, the housing is more affordable and the people value culture.
  9. Being priced out is an opportunity to gentrify new places. These gentrified neighborhoods will soon loose their authentic 'charm' and fall back to less than desirable status. It's the circle of life.
  10. part of an ongoing issue while living in one of the most expensive areas of the country - I don't like it but I seriously doubt anything can stop it.
  11. The inevitable result when overpopulation intersects with neoliberal government philosophy. Money talks, renters walk. And I was just talking with friends who expect to be 'Ellised' out of their homes at any time...
  12. Frustrating. I move to Oakland in August to be apart of the "scene," get educated and do good. But I'm white. I come from a middle class family in Sonoma County. I want to be a teacher in the urban environment because they are real kids that deserve a real education. How can I do social just work and at the same time gentrify Oakland? I struggle with my privilege everyday.