Software Engineer at Lockheed Martin. I like to stay current with news from various outlets and tech companies. Who knows, I might even start writing some stories.

Willstom Hofer

Researcher at University of Texas. I study patterns found in society. What will come about of safe spaces?

No Soup For You

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Michael Howard

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Luis Sharrow

I am Luis Sharrow work for a website that offers comprehensive Dubai restaurant reviews and help the tourist from all across the globe to explore the best to relish their taste buds. I love to go for scuba diving and long drives with my friends.

Thomas Williams

Hi, I am Thomas Williams 31 years old; basically I am from San Jose, California. Spent 3 years in real estate industry in Florida. Now I am working with a security company. I am searching spy products online. I love playing basketball in free time.

Russell Betty

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Glen Pitre

Hi, I am Glen Pitre form Dubai, UAE. Basically I’m from Chicago, USA. Currently I’m working with an IT company in Dubai. I love different types of food. I am looking for information about famous and top restaurants in Dubai. I love to play football.

Tom Argo

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Jamaal Felix

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I love cats. I had a cat when I was a child. He was mostly red with white paws and the tip of his tails was white and he was dead cute and he lived to be 14 years old which is quite old for a cat. I don't know. I just understand cats and I think they understand me. I love them.

Michael Dowd

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William Vaca

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Thomas West

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Charles Alaimo

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