Harvey Leo

Hi I am Harvey Leo. Basically I am living in the US. I am working in the marketing field. My dreams are very big so I want to earn more and more money. Recently I heard about Cash Camp and I am thinking about to invest with this. My hobbies are bike riding, outing with loved ones and much more.

Foyanne J Lynn

Ducks are my favorite animal. Sometimes I dream I'm a duck and my brother tells me I quack in my sleep. I just thought you should know that. A little more about me: I'm 21 years old and I live in a very cold place in the world. Not as cold as Antarctica, but pretty close. Even when the sun is out my entire area is still covered in snow. Fun Facts: My middle name is Jennifer. I have 5 toes. (10 Total of course), and I have 1 sibling.

Robert Gibsonn

I am Robert Gibsonn 30 year old male, basically I am from Chicago, IL USA. Spent several years in the business of High Risk Merchant Account in Chicago, IL USA. In 2009 I was merchandising robots in Suffolk, NY. Spent 2001-2008 importing xylophones in Fort Walton Beach, FL. I want to share something about Free merchant account POS system.

Oliver Dodd

Its Oliver Dodd here basically from Reading, Berkshire, UK. Very successful as an Entrepreneur. I have my own business of Limo Hire Reading services. My hobbies are writing and surfing internet and know more and more about new things. That is why I am here to explore my knowledge and for sharing my views with all of you.

Jorge N Hindman

Hi I am Jorge N Hindman form Dayton, Ohio. Spent high school summers managing karma with no outside help. Once had a dream of implementing children’s books. Spent two years supervising the production of foreign currency for fun and profit. Spent several years building toy trucks in the aftermarket. Spent three year in travel industry hire limo in London.


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Breakthrough Institute is a pioneering research institute changing how people think about energy and the environment

Mimi Ko Cruz



Photojournalist and videojournalist for The Oakland Tribune and Bay Area News Group. I am always multitysking.

#technology #education #culture #edutech Love Communications. Writer- Copy Editor. Also tweet at @catalystwoman.

Ashleyanne Krigbaum

Record player, @KALW 91.7FM roustabout, & unabashed picker of wedgies. Host of #thespot. I make all kinds of radio happen.

Annie Oakley

Information Forager + Visual & Experience Designer + Curator of Memories & Human Emotions + Studies Communication Styles & Content

Erin Sherbert

Online News Editor @SFWeekly


I'm so many things, but mostly I think I'm an ADD artist.