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The Bay Area Celebrates Belva Davis

Emmy Award-winning veteran journalist Belva Davis is retiring as host of KQED's "This Week in Northern California" after nearly two decades. Here are stories, tweets, posts, pictures and testimonials about her amazing career.


  1. I still don't understand why she is retiring, 80 is no excuse!! Belva you will be missed. No one can take your place!!
  2. Belva Davis with her father
    Belva Davis with her father
  3. Belva with Fidel Castro
    Belva with Fidel Castro
  4. Belva Davis with Coretta Scott King
    Belva Davis with Coretta Scott King
  5. I <3 Belva Davis' <3 . I will miss her perseverance, passion and care in broadcast journalism. Be well, Davis.
  6. Belva and Ray Charles
    Belva and Ray Charles
  7. Belva is one of those rare gems whom I would hope would never retire. While we cannot get KQED tv here in my area of the Sierra foothills I do listen to her show online.
  8. Belva Davis with Bill Cosby
    Belva Davis with Bill Cosby
  9. Belva with Bill Cosby
    Belva with Bill Cosby
  10. Dear Ms. Davis,Thank you for being part of my life for so many years. Yours was the voice I trusted more than any other (except maybe Walter Cronkite - ;) ) and counted on to speak truth and bring me the real story when it rang false from other sources. I will miss your reporting enormously.Blessings on your retirement. I hope you won't completely disappear from public life.A lifelong fan,Lisa Harrington
  11. Trail blazer, pioneer, professional, gracious, intelligent, thought-provoking, role model, socially conscious, mentor ... a wonderfully meaningful career and legacy. Thanks for sharing yourself with us during this space and time ... we are the better for it!
  12. She has been a reliable, thoughtfully intelligent, personable & very informed news source my whole life in the Bay Area. As I learned more about her, she also became an inspiration.
  13. Great career! I'll miss seeing you. Well done, Ms. Davis