Swampscott selectman triggers online firestorm

Barry Greenfield, a member of the Swampscott Board of Selectmen, said he was just raising a question about whether a state gun-storage law is enforceable. But when the Internet got a hold of the story, the reaction not entirely civil. Here's a sampling of the response.

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  1. Many suggested Greenfield needed a refresher course on the Constitution.
  2. Swampscott Massachusetts Selectmen Barry Greenfield introduced a motion this week to allow police to enter civilian homes (WITHOUT a warrant) to "check" whether civilians are "storing guns in safes". In essence, what Greenfield proposes is that Amendments II and IV be absolutely abolished, effectively providing the police with powers tantamount to martial law, in order to facilitate the intimidation of lawful gun owners in accordance with gun control advocates' agenda. This pathetic attempt to advance an ideological agenda, masked as a "safety" precaution should not be regarded as anything but its true nature: a farce. Austin, MGR  http://gunssavelives.net/news/ma-lawmaker-wants-police-to-be-able-to-search-homes-for-safe-gun-storage-without-a-warrant/ 
  3. Some made what Greenfield said are incorrect assumptions about his political leanings.
  4. Swampscott, Massachusetts Selectman Barry Greenfield has fascist views. Send him a copy of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. To remind him of his oath of office. Seriously, if y'all have recall, this is the time to us it.
  5. Some drew parallels to other political missteps.
  6. Others imagined dire consequences.
  7. Let me get this straight, unannounced home searches in peoples homes that OWN guns? Really? They didn't see the small flaw in this plan? I wonder how many dead police officers there will be before they decide this is a REALLY bad idea.
  8. And what would the Internet be without a good meme or two, with a dash of Godwin's law?
  9. At least one Boston radio station latched onto the controversy.
  10. One Swampscott Selectman would like to give police the authority to search your home at will to be sure your firearms are properly secured. Do you agree or disagree with this proposal?
  11. Ultimately, calls came for Greenfield to apologize or resign.
  12. Though at least some were willing to give him until the next election.