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Swampscott selectman triggers online firestorm

Barry Greenfield, a member of the Swampscott Board of Selectmen, said he was just raising a question about whether a state gun-storage law is enforceable. But when the Internet got a hold of the story, the reaction not entirely civil. Here's a sampling of the response.


  1. Many suggested Greenfield needed a refresher course on the Constitution.
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  3. Some made what Greenfield said are incorrect assumptions about his political leanings.
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  5. Some drew parallels to other political missteps.
  6. Others imagined dire consequences.
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  8. And what would the Internet be without a good meme or two, with a dash of Godwin's law?
  9. At least one Boston radio station latched onto the controversy.
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  11. Ultimately, calls came for Greenfield to apologize or resign.
  12. Though at least some were willing to give him until the next election.