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Aberdeenshire town Kintore battles for community facilities

Kintore, in Aberdeenshire, has expanded rapidly. But the people of Kintore are angry that facilities are not keeping pace with the expansion. Adding to that frustration, despite representations the proposed Gateway Kintore development was not included in the local plan.


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  2. it's a little ridiculous that for the size kintore is gettin to be, there's still just the one co-op, near the edge of the village. I been told by some people it's a good 30 minutes walk to get to the shop when they need milk..
  3. Disappointing to see the view, attributed to Cllr Ford, that "the petition would not influence the planning decision". Do the views of 1,020 people not count?
  4. I agree Rory, I know most people drive nowadays but there's a lot of pensioners and disabled that maybe don't have cars and its ridiculous the only shop is so far away from so many of the houses, wouldn't be so bad but it's so expensive and quite often doesn't have what you need anyway!
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