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Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review

Being diagnosed with herpes can be a devastating experience. The physical effects of the virus on the human body, such as painful sores, itching, headaches,exhaustion, raw cracked skin are bad enough to impact everyday life but that is not even telling the whole story.


  1. The stigma directed towards herpes sufferers can be a big challenge to fruitful relationships not only with romantic partners, but also friends and family.This makes getting effective treatment and controlling the virus’ outbreaks a priority and this is where the Ultimate Herpes Protocol comes in.
  2. What is the Ultimate Herpes Protocol (UHP)?

  3. UHP is a totally natural approach to controlling and getting rid of herpes developed by herpes sufferer and the daughter of a physician Melanie Addington. She used her own personal experience fighting herpes, together with her father’s medical knowledge to create a remedy that can work without the use of dangerous pharmaceutical chemicals.

    The program does not involve use of any anti-viral drugs, but instead advocates changes in the sufferer’s lifestyle and diet to optimize health and reduce the frequency of outbreaks. The methods can treat both type one herpes simplex and type 2 herpes simplex naturally. Type 1herpes is traditionally associated with mouth infections while type herpes attacks the genitals.
  4. How does it work?

  5. The Ultimate Herpes protocol takes a three-pronged approach to fighting the disease. The stages outlined in the eBook are:
  6. 1. Strengthening the immune system

  7. The program examines a range of dietary measures you should take to improve your body’s natural ability to fight illness. Pure nutrition leaves the body vulnerable to the virus, and this program outlines simple, holistic measures you should take to step up your body’s defenses. The eBook also outlines several environmental stressors that could potentially weaken your body’s ability to fight herpes outbreaks, such as inappropriate dental care practices and common household materials and chemicals.
  8. 2. Breaking down the virus’ defensive coating in order to destroy it completely

  9. This phase outlines measures designed to break down the coating that protects the herpes virus and renders it invulnerable to attacks by your immune system and pharmaceutical drugs. This prevents the herpes viruses in the blood stream from multiplying.
  10. 3.Preventing the virus from self-replicating and spreading

  11. This last phase outlines measures that will prevent the virus from re-establishing itself in your blood stream once destroyed. It contains information on how to cleanse your body and clear toxins from your system. In the process, you will end up solving a number of health problems such as fatigue, frequent headaches and poor digestion.

    It also addresses the common flu-like symptoms of herpes. Getting your body tuned and optimized in this manner frees resources to fight infection and improves overall health, allowing you to feel better on a day today basis. You won’t encounter the disease in future, if you follow the natural ways provided in the third step of the book.
  12. What is included in the program?

  13. The program is available as a PDF eBook you can download instantly after purchasing it. After reading its 38 pages, you will have known about the different types of herpes virus as well as the three important steps you will need to take in order to hasten the healing process.
  14. What I liked about the protocol

  15. * The Ultimate Herpes Protocol was created by someone who fully understands the problem, having suffered from herpes herself. Melanie’s guide includes what she went through in search for the natural cure. It is a long and personal road she took and offers the guide as a time-saving way to not only heal yourself, but also stop you from spreading the disease and feeling guilty about yourself.

    * The natural healing secrets contained in the Ultimate Herpes protocol are outlined in an easy to understand manner, without using any jargon.

    * The program is distributed in digital PDF format that you can download as soon as you purchase it. You can read it from your Smartphone, tablet or computer using any PDF reader.

    * Melanie takes an individual and lengthy approach to the problem. She makes it clear that UHP is not an instant cure, and that you have to put in considerable effort before you can realize the permanent benefits.

    * It is a highly affordable solution. Priced at just $37, you won’t have to purchase anything more. What’s more, you only have to purchase it once.

    * Every purchase is backed by a full 2-month cash back guarantee. This will give you enough time to try the methods outlined and request for a full refund if you do not notice any positive changes.

    * It is a holistic approach, which means that apart from eliminating the herpes virus from your body, you will also end up healthier than before.

    * The program has been tried and tested by numerous sufferers who have returned many reviews and testimonial in its favor.
  16. What I did not like about it

    * The Ultimate Herpes Protocol was not designed for pregnant women. Pregnant women should not put their unborn babies in danger, and unfortunately, the herpes virus can be very harmful to unborn children. Pregnant women should contact a doctor as soon as they notice any herpes symptoms to be prescribed measures that will protect the babies.

    * It does not work overnight, and the length of time it takes to be effective depends on your immune system. The weaker it is, the longer it will take before you can start feeling better.
  17. My Final Conclusion - Is It A Scam or An Effective Treatment?

  18. A high number of people suffer from this terrible disease around the world. Worse, the symptoms do not always present themselves right away, so a huge chunk of sufferers do not even know that they are infected. This means that the virus will stay in the body, doing a lot of harm before it is diagnosed and correct treatment applied. The Ultimate Herpes Protocol not only provides effective treatment, but also useful information on how to identify the symptoms early.
  19. What’s more, it is inexpensive, costing less than a buck a day,and the dietary changes recommended only substitute your ordinary diet so you do not have to worry about increased grocery bills. Herpes is a chronic virus, which makes it hard for the body to be 100% rid of it, but this natural, holistic and home based program will push it back to the dormant stage permanently.
  20. In conclusion, I recommend the product as long as you are willing to follow it step by step and not expect overnight miracles.