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KIRO 7 refers to Oklahoma team as 'Former Sonics'

Tuesday night, KIRO 7 posted: "The former Seattle SuperSonics are in the NBA playoffs. Throughout their run, KIRO 7 promises you we won't say OKC or their team name in our newscasts." KIRO 7 had been writing around the T word for weeks in good fun. Viewers said they liked it. So it stayed.


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  2. This is one of the Tweets that KIRO 7 was responding to.
  3. This was another one.
  4. Fans in Oklahoma City responded Wednesday morning. They weren't thrilled.
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  6. Bleacher Report picked it up.
  7. Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard picked it up, too. "Breakups are always hard," Nicole Conlan wrote. "But you need to move on."
  8. It launched Internet memes like this one.
  9. And this one.
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  12. This one was posted, too. "Butthurt" was a popular word with Oklahoma fans.
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  17. But Seattle fans had a very different response.

    "Art Jenkins
    Something OKC will never see!"