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Nixon unveils FY2015 budget at State of the State address

Gov. Jay Nixon released his proposal for the FY2015 budget in Jefferson City on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. Although he said "it's easy to get caught up in... the latest tweet," we did get caught up in the tweets of the night- here are a few of the best.


  1. Nixon started off the State of the State address with a list of Missouri's accomplishments in the past year. Among them were the merging of the State Highway Patrol and the State Water Patrol, the state being a finalist for making Boeing 777X, Missouri's relatively low unemployment rate and Missouri's balanced budget.
  2. Gov. Nixon followed his introduction with the announcement of an added $490 million dollars for education at all levels. Nixon stressed the importance of early childhood education and included money specific for training mental health professionals.
  3. Nixon made a few quick statements on LGBT issues that generated a lot of social media buzz. 
  4. Nixon's budget includes $1.7 billion in federal funds to expand and reform Medicaid. Nixon said that if Missouri doesn't use the funds, Missourians' tax money will go to other states.