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Ushio Shinohara boxes a canvas

One of the weirdest, coolest things that happened over True/False weekend was when Ushio Shinohara punched a large, blank canvas with paint-covered boxing gloves. Shinohara was the subject of Cutie and the Boxer, one of the most anticipated documentaries at True/False.


  1. KBIA Assistant News Director, Ryan Famuliner, interviewed filmmaker Zachary Heinzerling ahead of the fest.  It was part of "True/False Conversations," our series of in-depth interviews with the filmmakers of True/False 2013.
  2. The filmmaker (far left) and his subjects, Noriko and Ushio Shinohara (middle) came to Columbia. Here, they're taking questions from the audience after their screening at the Missouri Theatre.
  3. The demonstration happened Sunday at 5:00.  Here waits Ushio's victim in the parking lot of the Tiger Cleaners.
  4. The artists:
  5. Shinohara de-shirts and dons gloves:
  6. Always right to left, always fast.  Shinohara's been painting this way since the 1960s.
  7. Afterwards Shinohara posed for pictures and even boxed some peoples' shirts for them.
  8. Ushio Shinohara from Cutie and the Boxer did a live action painting #truefalse
    Ushio Shinohara from Cutie and the Boxer did a live action painting #truefalse
  9. David Wilson (right) is one of the founders of True/False, which turned 10 this year.
  10. Vox Magazine posted this video of the demonstration.  
  11. Ushio Shinohara of Cutie and the Boxer creates impromptu painting
  12. Check out Noriko Shinohara's shoes!  They were made for her by her son, also an artist.
  13. Some more action shots: