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Election in mid-Missouri unfolds on Twitter

Tuesday was the end -- the end of months of brutal campaign ads, door-to-door knocking and inspired conversations with that neighbor across the street. Here's a look at how several mid-Missouri races played out, 140 characters at a time. By Andrew Gibson.


  1. Watch parties kicked off early in the night for Missouri's national races. U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler, Republican incumbent representing the state's 4th Congressional District, looked to hold onto her seat against Democratic challenger Teresa Hensley. KBIA had reporters across mid-Missouri reporting on several races. 
  2. In Missouri Senate District 19, Democrat state Rep. Mary Still tried to win the seat from incumbent Republican Kurt Schaefer. KBIA had reporters at both watch parties.
  3. KBIA reporters also visited watch parties in Cole County where Democrats followed many local races. 
  4. At Shakespeare's Pizza in Columbia, two candidates waited for results together. Those were Rep. Stephen Webber, the Democratic incumbent running in the 46th House District, and John Wright, a newcomer Democrat running in District 47.
  5. Eventually, candidates arrived at the watch parties.
  6. Many candidates called into KBIA's live coverage. That included U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, the incumbent Republican running for re-election. He's represented District 9 in the past but ran in 2012 for District 3 because of reapportionment required by the 2010 census.
  7. KBIA reporter Meredith Turk gathered sound at Wright's watch party ... 
  8. All night, there was plenty of anxious waiting among candidates. Fred Berry was no exception. The Republican ran against incumbent Stephen Webber in Missouri House District 46. 
  9. At Broadway Brewery, Mary Still tried to stay optimistic despite vote counts favoring her opponent. 
  10. Others weren't so worried: