Supporters keep the faith at Columbia election watch parties

By Katie Moritz

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  1. Tuesday night, KBIA reporters covered Columbia's mayoral and Third and Fourth ward city council races. At 7 p.m., polls closed and politicians began waiting for results. 

    Fourth Ward City Council candidate Ian Thomas was running against Bill Weitkemper and incumbent Daryl Dudley. Early absentee ballot counts put Thomas slightly in the lead, but he didn't want to get his supporters' hopes up so early on.
  2. As the night wore on, incumbent Dudley's watch party became somber.
  3. With 25 percent of votes in, Thomas' party picked up steam as he remained in the lead.
  4. The crowd is getting bigger (and louder!) at 4th Ward Candidate Ian Thomas's watch party. KBKBIA
  5. School board member Jonathan Sessions stopped by the Thomas party.
  6. In the Third Ward council race, Karl Skala and incumbent Gary Kehspol were pitted against each other for the third election in a row. In 2007, Skala won the seat by a small margin. In 2010, Kehspol won by an even smaller one. This year, challenger Skala took the lead early on.
  7. With 78 percent of votes in, Skala reporters were celebrating his significant lead.
  8. Skala's supporters are starting to congratulate him; he leads currently @KBIA 
  9. In the mayoral race, incumbent Bob McDavid ran against Sid Sullivan for the second time. Sullivan and his supporters hung out at Bleu in downtown Columbia.
  10. Despite falling behind in the absentee ballot count early in the night, Sullivan and his supporters didn't give up hope.
  11. When most results were reported, Sullivan fell further behind and McDavid supporters began to assume he had it in the bag. Still, Sullivan did not want to admit defeat.
  12. By about 9:30 p.m., McDavid had secured the mayoralty for a second term and Skala won back the Third Ward council seat from incumbent Kespohl, who didn't try to hide his disappointment in the result.