2012 August Primary Election

Tweet and pics from Missouri's August primary elections. Concentrating on the 4th Congressional District, the gubernatorial and lieutenant governor's race, the Boone County District 2 Commission, as well as for U.S. Senate and Amendment 2.

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  1. Early numbers showed leads for Boone County District 2 Commission Democratic candidate Janet Thompson, as well as for incumbent Claire McCaskill (D) for the U.S. Senate Race. Results were initially tight for McCaskill's Republican challengers Sarah Steelman, Todd Akin and John Brunner. 
  2. Mo. 4th Congressional District: Representative Vicky Hartzler (R), incumbent, before the first results stream in.
  3. U.S. Senate: Reporter Kellie Kotraba tweeted this picture from the election night party of Senate Sarah Steelman (R), where the candidate has yet to make an appearance. Steelman, formerly state treasurer, says she would vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would require tax increases to be approved by voters.
  4. U.S. Senate: Steelman appearance or not, supporters still turned out for the watch party at Alex's Pizza Palace in Rolla. Steelman ran two campaign ads featuring another Sarah -- former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin -- who likened the candidate to a "momma grizzly." Steelman's son, below, wears a similarly-inspired T-shirt.
  5. Governor race: Bill Randles at the Republican candidate's watch party for the gubernatorial race. The Associated Press reported that opponent and fellow Republican Dave Spence won the nomination and will race against incumbent Jay Nixon (D).Spence had a strong and decisive lead throughout the night with 60% of the vote to Randles' 16%.
  6. Mo. 4th Congressional District: Incumbent Hartzler and the Associated Press call a win for the nomination.
  7. Amendment 2: The Associated Press calls the "Right to Pray" amendment  approved with 88% percent voting yes with only 9% of precincts reporting. Later in the evening, the results stayed markedly decisive with 88% voting "yes" with 99% of precincts reporting. The amendment reaffirms existing legislation allowing people the right to express religious beliefs, but goes further in providing protection for students to refuse educational experiences that violate their religious beliefs and mandates that state-funded schools must display the U.S. Bill of Rights. It struck controversy by including language that also allows governing bodies to invite religious leaders to offer prayers at meetings, and some argued that the amendment would set a precedent for students to claim assignments violated their religion.
  8. Lt. Governor: At the scene of Judy Baker's (D) watch party. Baker is the only Columbia native in an election for Missouri statewide office this year. With 15% of precincts reporting, she is holding 11% of the vote to democratic opponent Susan Montee's 50%. The race was later called for Montee by the Associated Press. Montee was elected state auditor in 2006, and was most recently chairwoman of the state's Democratic Party after losing re-election to the auditor post.
  9. Lt. Governor: Montee will face incumbent Republican Peter Kinder, who won with 44% of the vote. His biggest challenge was state senator Brad Lager, who trailed him two points. If Kinder wins, it will be his third term as Lt. Governor.
  10. U.S. Senate: Republican candidate Sarah Steelman makes an appearance at her watch party in Rolla after keeping supporters waiting until initial results streamed in.
  11. U.S. Senate: Scenes from the Todd Akin (R) watch party. Akin leads the Republicans with 34% of the vote with 42% percent of precincts reporting -- two points ahead of opponent Steelman and five up on John Brunner, a first-time campaigner and St. Louis businessman. Akin holds onto this lead throughout the evening. Akin was elected to Missouri's 2nd Congressional District in 2000, has voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and is a proponent of limiting federal spending.
  12. Mo. 4th Congressional District: KBIA reports that Rep. Hartzler (R), incumbent and now Republican nominee, leaves her own watch party after the Associated Press calls it for her. It was in the bag for Hartzler from the beginning, as her Republican opponent Bernie Mowinski trailed far behind with 16% of the vote to Hartzler's 84%.