New York hit by second storm

We are here on the news desk now following the progress of the second storm to hit New York in a week. We will be here until lunchtime reporting on the impact as residents on the East Coast wake up. All times in GMT.


  1. 12:44pm. Although we have seen how nor'easter Athena has disrupted people's daily lives on the US East Coast and caused additional misery to those already suffering after Sandy, Twitter users have also commented that the situation is not as bad as they had feared. We are signing off now, but check back later to see how the situation develops.
  2. 12:36pm. A football semi-final has been postponed for the second time due to the nor-easter. This decision has been welcomed by Red Bulls coach Hans Backe, who said before the game was called: “No we’re not comfortable (playing in these conditions). It should be postponed. It’s a conference semifinal, You can’t see the lines and players could be injured."
  3. 12:33pm. The decision to name the nor'easter Athena has sparked debate about whether winter storms should be named like hurricanes. Keith Morelli reports on the issue for Tampa Bay Online:
  4. 12:28pm. Instagram user chin0loco shows that getting to work can be difficult in the wake of the storm:
  5. Taking the beast to work. It loves the fact that it's snowing. Even though I'm hating it #subaru #lgt #legacy #turbo #awd #5spd #noreaster #snowstorm #ihatetheeastcoast
    Taking the beast to work. It loves the fact that it's snowing. Even though I'm hating it #subaru #lgt #legacy #turbo #awd #5spd #noreaster #snowstorm #ihatetheeastcoast
  6. 12:26pm. This Flickr photograph shows cars queuing for fuel outside NYC:
  7. 12:23pm. This pilot's picture of his ice-covered plane is attracting hundreds of re-tweets on Twitter:
  8. 12:20pm: Watch ABC News' report on the impact of the storm, which has been nicknamed the nor'easter:
  9. Nor'easter Packs a Punch After Sandy
  10. 12.18pm: Linda Crowley from Rhode Island shares her experience of the storm:
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  12. 12:15am. Waiting to see if your flight will be delayed by the storm? USA Today has a travel tracker to help:
  13. 12.13pm. Weather street's map of snow depth in the New York area:
  14. 12:11am. CBS has published an up-to-date list of schools closed, or delayed in opening:
  15. 12:09pm. New England Cable News tweets about power outages resulting from the storm:
  16. 12:07pm. Betty is one of many North Eastern residents to have taken to Twitter to complain about delays caused by the storm. She tweets: