R&D Campaign summary


  1. All of the great moments shared during this past year of campaigning for a Global R&D Agreement deserve to be recognized and commemorated. Therefore, we have put together this summary of UAEM's first ever global campaign, highlighting the main milestones we've gone through together, from the launch of the campaign back in November to the 69th World Health Assembly this May. As another year of campaigning and great work lies ahead of us, let's celebrate all that has been achieved and learned together!
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  3. After intensive preparation of strategies, plans and materials over the summer, the fire was set for the launch of the R&D Agreement campaign during Access2Medicines week, when many chapters unleashed their creativity to send a strong message: we need medicines for people, not for profit and thus we need to move towards a new R&D system via an R&D Agreement to ensure that medical R&D is driven by and meets people's health needs globally.
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  5. The main objective then was to mobilise people, particularly the academic community, to ask for this new R&D system via the R&D Agreement - through signing the letter to be sent to the World Health Organisation (WHO) before the Open-Ended Meeting on the follow-up to the 2012 report of the Consultative Expert Working Group on R&D Coordination & Financing, which proposed such an Agreement.
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