Unlocking the Vikings

Relive the final conference of the Languages, Myths and Finds project.


  1. The final conference of the Languages, Myths and Finds Project took place on 28-29 June 2014 at Cavendish Hall, the University of Nottingham. The conference marked the conclusion of the cross-institution AHRC Collaborative Skills Development Programme known as Languages, Myths and Finds. This programme brought together graduate students and full-time researchers from across the UK and Ireland to explore the translation of Norse and Viking cultures into the modern day. Participants worked with local partners in five communities with Norse heritage: the Isle of Lewis, Cleveland, the Isle of Man, Dublin and Munster (Cork and Waterford). By collaborating with local schools, museums, historical societies and tourist organisations, the scheme aimed to inspire greater public engagement with the Viking heritage of various localities. Participants also drew on the work of the British Museum and its ‘Vikings: Life and Legend’ exhibition as part of their engagement with local communities.
  2. Read more about the project on its website languagesmythsfinds.ac.uk/ or watch this video:
  3. Viking researchers help the British Museum translate Norse culture.