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Joyful Lemur

I'm still looking for waldo and think 80's music and memorabilia is the best. If I had to define myself simply, I'd fail.... My life has been filled with many challenges but for the most part I'm still here with a smile on my face ready to hear great joke or tell one myself. I clutch onto hope as if it were something I can hold & use my never ending sense of humor and attitude that things in life happen for a reason to help get through. That and always believing things will work out. They always have so I'd say it works. Other than that I'm an empathy so I easily pick up some people's stories & feelings. I'm very spiritual and really just trying to find my purpose in life right now. I'm crafty in several areas so if you've stayed with me through this much of my profile then I'll tell you, stay around because I can only imagine the things I'll write about here!