MOMS SHARE ""What social media tool do I wish I had when I was my children's age?"

Saturday, May 7th, LadyDrinks is hosting the Princeton Mother Daughter High Tea, featuring guest speaker Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore (Something Different for Women) who will be addressing issues important to moms today. Jennifer spoke at the LadyDrinks MOMPRENEUR panel back in 2013 and addressed the issue of social media and parenting. In this spirit, we are asking each attendee to share, "What social media tool do I wish I had when I was my children's age?"


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  2. Ruchi Datta is the host of the LadyDrinks Mother Daughter High Tea event on Saturday, May 7th, and Chief Legal Officer at GS1 US. Seen here with her daughters, Simran and Sareena, she writes, "Growing up, there was no internet, let alone social media tools. It would have been wonderful to have access to information the way my girls have today. I see how it gives them a voice and allows them to be heard. They chat with family members in India on Facebook and WhatsApp. They get over 100 iMessages, texts, posts and WhatsApp messages on their birthdays. It just builds their confidence and makes them so much more outgoing. I would have loved to have that when I was a young teenager."
  3. Mona Panjwani is Partner and Owner in Sparkles Events, an event planning company based in Jersey City. She's seen here with her two children and writes, "The one social media tool I wish I had when I was 7 years old, my oldest's age, is Twitter. Growing up, my personality and views were shaped by my family, by school teachers, by my fellow students, and by my neighbors. If I had access to Twitter, my world view would have been global because I would have had access to global body of influencer's. Knowledge--- is power!
  4. Anu Bhat, is founder and owner of The Rural Painter, introducing Vietnamese, Cambodian and Indonesian artists to Western audiences. She's seen here with her daughter Riya who will be attending the event on May 7th. She writes, "I wish I had Facebook when I was my daughter's age. My parents moved from the UK to India when I was 14. It was a difficult move for me. I had to leave behind friends, teachers and the only community I knew. Over time, I lost touch with all my childhood friendships I had formed in the UK. With FB, it would have been easier to keep those ties and helped with the transition."
  5. Anamika Chanda handles product management at Capital One Financial and has two 2 daughters, ages 15 and 8. She writes, "Growing up in Calcutta in the 80's, I didn't have access to the Internet. My world view was shaped by my immediate community. Today, my kids use social media for everything from homework to sending "Happy Birthday" voice messages to their grandparents. My 15 year old uses Instagram, Whatsapp and Snapchat to share her creativity with extended family. It makes me so happy. When I was younger, I had family living in the UK and Canada. I wished I had social media to connect with them."
  6. Dhanjeet Sodhi is about to start a new role as senior engineer with Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA) in April. She writes, "I am a real people person and still believe in the human touch. No social media tool can ever replace time spent with family and friends in person. But, as as kid, I went to a boarding school. I could only write letters and make phone calls once a week to my parents and siblings. If I had to choose between all the social apps and tools, I choose FaceTime. The ability to see them in real time as we spoke would have been life-changing for me.
  7. Niv Tripathi, is founder and owner of the women's apparel company Niveditanyc. Seen here with her son and daughter, she writes, "Growing up in Lucknow, India, my dad's little library was my window to the world: Picture books. The biographies of Princess Diana and Indira Gandhi. Magazines and columns written by the celebrity journalist Shobhaa De. All of them afforded me a lens into the world's most powerful and noble women. I wanted to be like them. Look like them. Dress like them. I wish I had Instagram when I was a kid so that I could connect to their pages, learn from their creative genius, and most importantly connect with other like-minded people."
  8. Shikha Oberoi is founder and owner of an Indian apparel line called "Motif by Shikha Oberoi." She writes, "As a kid, I can remember writing long letters to my cousins in India, or friends that moved elsewhere overseas. Communication was so slow that eventually I lost touch with many of them. If I could go back in time, I wish I had Facebook to stay in touch and share pictures. My kids today are instantly in touch with their cousins/friends/old teachers all over the world, and it's absolutely amazing!"
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    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  10. Pooja Khurana is a general dentist and practice owner in New Jersey. She is seen here with her three children Soham, Svara and Sanvi. "Family is the most important thing to me. I love how FaceTime has been an instrumental in bringing different generations of my family together, (my children, their grandparents, aunts and cousins) despite the geographical distance that separates us. My children get good counsel from their relatives on FaceTime and even have partners to play online games. Their lives are so interactive with their relatives in a way that I wish I had growing up."
  11. Manisha Sachdev, seen here with her two girls, writes, "Honestly, I am kind of happy I didn't have social media growing up. Children need to play outdoors with friends, explore nature, and engage in sports and activities that develop personality and build bonds. Social media couldn't possibly begin to replace the real life lessons and experiences that I enjoyed growing up.
    BUT I do love my Pinterest. I find creative ideas and ways to entertain my little girls, plan their birthdays, and school projects on there. If we had this back when I was a kid, I think about the creative spin I could have put on my own school projects back then."
  12. Monisha Kapur is the owner / founder of 344pm- It's Time to Dress Your Style, an online wardrobe consultation service. She's seen here with her daughter Sahana.

    "I spent my childhood designing and sewing clothes, choreographing dances with my sister, writing stories, and illustrating letters to my grandparents living abroad. My family and I visited faraway places with rich history such as Algeria and Bhutan. My imagination had no limits... Had I had access to social media, some of that "organic creativity" might have been lost. But, as I have built my career in fashion, I do wish I had access to Pinterest when I was first starting out. Seeing what others are wearing, how they are wearing it, and what clothing people liked / didn't like would have helped me with my work tremendously!"
  13. Dr. Priti Dagli is a cosmetic and implant dentist with her own practice "Choices In Dentistry" in East Brunswick, NJ. She was recently featured on CBS for a segment on "computer-assisted same day crowns". She's seen here with her two boys, who are 7 and 6.

    "As a kid, I had alot of fun climbing trees, playing cricket, gossiping, and shopping. It was pure fun with little or no knowledge of the outside world. I had pen pals, with whom I exchanged letters once every three months. As you can see here, my boys are very active! If they need anything, they don't need to ask mom anymore. They just ask "Siri" or Google. I wish I had that kind of knowledge at my fingertips growing up!"