Matt Sanders and I pulled together some of the most spirited posts about SMU and went out on campus to gather examples of how students show their Mustang pride.

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  1. The University's 10 libraries house the largest private collection of research materials in the Southwest.
  2. The popular dining option for SMU students is Umphrey Lee, the buffet-style cafeteria that features international, american grill and other types of food.
  3. Local food trucks park their mobile kitchens by the iconic flagpole on every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon as well.
  4. SMU recently announced a partnership with the Cultural Data Project to launch a National Center for Arts Research. Mustangs pride themselves on their contributions to research in the community. 
  5. Students have many ways to get involved on campus. The Women in Business Club is one of over 120 student-led organizations on campus. 
  6. "With the success of the basketball team, SMU students finally have something to rally for. Hopefully this will spread to other sports and activities at SMU," SMU student Clay Moore said. Moore is a junior statistics and economics major and the Senior Alumni Adviser for Mustang 11, a student-led spirit group on campus. 

    A top-25 basketball team along with the newly renovated Moody Coliseum makes an SMU basketball ticket a hot commodity. 
  7. Moody Coliseum is not only a scenic spot for students, but a hot spot for local celebrities like Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. 
  8. Seeing Reunion Tower light up with "SMU" is just one of the ways the city of Dallas embraces the success of SMU.