Notes from #UAAMG

Notes & highlights from January 11-13, 2015 Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group, Charlotte, NC


  1. Glenn Pasch, CEO, PCG Digital Marketing: "unified marketing" means demanding your vendors work together, monthly strategy conference calls, hold vendors accountable whether you choose them or they are mandated by OEM; separated vendors blame each other, no two marketing assets look alike -- need to always look at it from customers' point of view. "Unified Marketing" also means everything is marketing: are the bathrooms clean, are customers warmly greeted, do sales people know what the marketing message is, do the visual graphics/messages in-store reflect the marketing customers see in the media?
  2. Glenn Pasch: on marketing "silos" -- too much money is being spent each month to have different vendors doing work without speaking to each other.
  3. Good question to ask for 2015. Too much money being spent to not have the right people looking at what...
  4. Glenn Pasch: 30-second exercise -- stand still on your lot and see/listen what customer's see/hear.
  5. Glenn Pasch: "Why buy here" cannot be "We treat you right," "Our prices are low," or "We've got the selection." You have to build a promotion, a guarantee, and identity around an offer of something you are uniquely qualified at.
  6. Dan Waldschmidt, President, Waldschmidt Partners International, popular speaker, business strategist, and ultra-runner, author of Edgy Conversations: How Ordinary People Can Acheive Outrageous Success on being extreme: the Netflix story about the engineer who invented an adaptive streaming rate that means the movie never stops, used industry-wide -- Netflix didn't hire him to be an engineer, they hired him to "be awesome" -- it was his actual job description
  7. Glenn Pasch: customers visit so few dealerships, when they do show, our job is -- don't blow it.
  8. Glenn Pasch: in many cases, customer chooses the car before contacting the dealer -- dealer's job is not to sell the car, it's to sell the dealership, to sell oneself -- it's to not screw it up.
  9. Tracy Myers, Owner/Partner of The Frank Myers Group, which consists of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, Worldwide Vehicle Protection Plan, Frank Myers Auto Repair Center, Frank Myers Investments, Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind Group, Americas Most 'Liked' and WrestleCade Entertainment:
  10. Tracy Myers on hiring and firing -- better to wait for the right person than fill a position, you won't likely find a superstar, though. And hire enough people so that you have the capacity to sell -- don't make your 8-car person get 11-12 sales -- you're missing 18-20 sales when you do that. For the average 60% of your staff, give them structure. Hire diversity of personality, you don't want all of one type. Don't use meetings for grandstanding, use meeting time for training only. Hire more people when the sales people get too comfortable, especially before you put the pedal to the floor on your marketing.
  11. Dan Waldschmidt on discipline: it's not what you're willing to do, it's what you're willing to do without. Successful people are disciplined, caring (they balance out being extreme by being human), they work harder (work smarter not harder is a myth)
  12. Bob Cockerham, General Manager/Partner, University Volkswagen Mazda, Albuquerque, NM, on hiring: you need both kinds of sales people, hunters and farmers. When marketing ramps up, it turns everyone into quick-sell hunters; farmers work the CRM and the equity mining tools. On VW: Volkswagen shoppers are Volvo owners in training. It's not about hiring the right salespeople, it's about hiring the right sales managers.
  13. Bob Cockerham on CallDrip -- traditional advertising is minimal, unless he can dominate a medium, such as radio with 400 GRPs per week, he invests in digital marketing and does not have a BDC. CallDrip analyzes an incoming lead, sends a call to the whole staff, whoever is free to take the call gets an audio summary of the lead details, and a call is placed automatically to customer. Because this happens within seconds of the lead arriving, the connection rate is 89%. His store's average response time is under 2 minutes.
  14. Other web tools/best practices recommended: