Notes from Driving Sales Executive Summit 2015

October 18-20, 2015


  1. It's certainly a thing that there are more educational opportunities than it would be sensible to attend, i.e. conferences like DSES, Digital Dealer, Internet Battle Plan, Internet 20 Group, NADA, VinWorx and other vendor events, various OEM meet-ups, etc..
  2. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share some worthwhile take-aways and spread industry knowlege thoughout our organizations.
  3. DSES kicked off with a Canadian break-out session, with content of specific interest to dealers in that country -- but equally information-rich for dealerships like ours.
  4. Aleksandra Banas, Digital Marketing Manager, Lexus of Edmonton;
  5. Brenda Neidemaier, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Mills Motors Buick GMC Ltd.;
  6. Susan Gubasta, President/CEO, Mississaugua Toyota;
  7. Roundtable highlights, regarding social media purpose and social media content:
  8. --
  9. Deepak Anand, Head of Industry, Auto, Google and Google Canada
  10. Auto researching online: Less time is spent researching, but everyone wants to do more stuff in less time. More research is online than ever. Buyers do 32% more online research than average researchers.
  11. "Thinking" -- early phase
  12. "Researching" -- active phase, both OEMs and dealerships do this well, provide useful content
  13. "Buying" -- shortest phase of online activity, choices typically narrow down to two brands, but only 80% buy the vehicle from their initial consideration set; 20% buy something completely different discovered in researching, i.e. 20% of internet researchers are conquested.
  14. "Caring" -- ownership, service, parts, and online reviews
  15. Influences: 48% of customers cite Internet sites, 49% cite dealership visits, 25% cite family and friends, the only influence that has held steady over time, 16% cite print/radio/tv as influence -- we now lump these into one "traditional media" category, as their influence has shrunken over time.
  16. What do Canadian shoppers say they most want?
  17. After searching online, a majority (51%) of search-engine users go directly to the dealership in person. Activities such as calling, visiting the site found in the search, contacting the dealer, much less:
  18. More takeaways from Deepak Anand:
  19. -- 35% of searching for cars happens when we are closed