Spark 2017: A Day at the Newseum

Spark, the marketing summit, presented by TrackMaven, Washington, DC, May 18, 2017


  1. TrackMaven, like counterparts we know in the auto industry (Orbee, VistaDash) aggregates analytics in a valuable format for digital marketers, to measure and improve the effectiveness of content marketing, social media, ppc, display and other paid adverstising, SEO and the like... ROI, attribution... the same issues all marketers work with.
  2. Presenters represented a variety of fields, mostly national advertisers and content creators who are successful doing what they do, in bringing a high level of data crunching to their businesses.
  3. Ross Martin, Exec VP, Marketing Strategy and Engagement, Viacom; Kern Schireson, Chief Data Officer and Exec VP, Viacom
  4. Marketers don't just buy demographics anymore on "dumb TV," because they can target specific interests. And in many ways, tv can make a bigger impression than digital alone.
  5. Beverly Jackson, VP, Social Media & Content Strategy, MGM Resorts International
  6. Alex Skatell, Founder & CEO, Independent Journal Review, "a social-first, mobile-first politics and news website that averages more than 30 million unique visitors each month."
  7. Content doesn't attract audiences on its own, content creators have to work to get views.