The Battle of Marne



  1.  My name is Joseph Joffre.  I am the commander of the French fifth army. The battle of the Marne started September sixth 1914 .
    With the war beginning the Germans made the Schlieffen Plan. This called for the bulk of their forces to gather in the west and only a small force stayed in the east. The goal of the plan was to quickly defeat France before the Russians could fully mobilize their forces. With France defeated Germany could focus their attacks to the east. after repeated attack French forces fell back to a new position behind the Marne with the goal of holding Paris.
  2. French planes saw a gap and told it to me. with the opportunity I ordered the French Fifth Army and the BEF into the gap. With the threat of encirclement the Germans fell back to a defensive position behind the Aisne River violating the Schlieffen plan witch said do not retreat.
  3. If we had lost this battle the war would have ended quickly. Paris would have fallen in the early days of the war. history would be different the Germans probly would have won the war and Europe would be under german control. 
    This battle was arguably the most important battle of the war because if the capital falls the war is lost but the victory would boosted the moral of the army. the death toll was 250,000 casualties.
  4. Schlieffen Plan and the First Battle of the Marne
  5. jonathan trotter