#InclusiveSyllabus: convo and tips

How do you craft an inclusive syllabus if you work in a discipline/era dominated by (dead) white men? Here's my archive of the #InclusiveSyllabus convo on twitter with a few of my own thoughts with reference to pre-1500 British literature (I'll update this as more appears).

  1. On Hook & Eye, Erin Wunker opened up this conversation about incorporating inclusivity and diversity into every new course proposal.
  2. Aimée Morrison followed up with an 11-point twitter-essay sharing her experiences and ideas.
  3. Sjoerd Levelt and Dorothy Kim invited medievalists to chime in, and Karl Steel offered some syllabus examples.
  4. I offered my own 10-point twitter essay, thinking about pre-1500 British literature in particular.
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