Role of Play in the Development of Child


  1. Most of you would have heard ‘play is the work for children’. Now, if we think about work as something like a tiring activity that becomes liability when the worker gets overwhelmed, it’s really not the case in children’s ‘work’. In fact, play is something that children should do because it helps them understand the environment and use their senses such as tasting, seeing, smelling and hearing. On the next level, they start using these senses to climb, dig holes, crawl through the tight spaces, and doing certain activities which let them understand how to fulfill their basic needs on their own.
  2. Why play is important for child’s development

  3. The first thing that your child would learn by playing is regarding making friends. This is one of the most important aspects of the child’s development because it teaches them how to perform necessary actions for survival in the later part of the life. For instance, children need to know about the emotions of each other, i.e. they need to know what makes other children happy or sad. Furthermore, playing helps them learning about teamwork as they work together to reach a goal. Hence, they would be able to learn about leading, following or collaborating with the other team members.
  4. Another lesson that children would be able to learn by playing is interaction. Playing with the other children is mainly an act of interacting which involves negotiating, collaborating, listening, addressing other children, making plans and being affectionate to the others.
  5. One big fact of life is that you cannot make friends with everyone in your life, but you will certainly have to deal with all of those people. And dealing with them successfully is entirely dependent upon your ability to interact. Hence, you can let your children play in the groups keeping in mind that they are learning how to interact.
  6. Tips for the parents to help in children play

  7. The first and most important thing that parents should understand is that they shouldn’t restrain their children in the unnecessary limitations. Children like to do anything that would seem interesting to them. It includes playing with sand, rolling in dirt, climbing a height and so on. As long as they are safe, you shouldn’t interfere and interrupt their activity due to unnecessary fear of injury. Remember, if your child insists on playing in the mud, restraining him would only produce a gap in his development.
  8. One major concern for many parents is the duration of playtime. Enhanced playtime for younger children is important. Although many parents would understand this fact but they are bound to stop the activity because they have their own matters to worry about. In this situation, the best option is to let the children play under the watch of a caring adult. That adult could be the elder brother/sister of the child, or you can hire a babysitter for some time.