Theology and "bullshit jobs": The first meeting of #C269S15: Theology of Work

We read the intro to Armand Larive's book "After Sunday" to discover theological terms Christians could use to think about their work. Then we read David Graeber's essay "On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs" as a challenge to those theological conceptions of work. Here's how the discussion went.


  1. This was the essay by Graeber that got us thinking:
  2. And this is a thoughtful response from an Economist magazine blog. The author considers whether machines actually might be able to take over all the "bullshit" work we do:
  3. The discussion question:
  4. And some answers:
  5. Jared's answer anticipates Max Weber's view, which we will explore later:
  6. Marcus alerted Graeber that we were discussing his essay by "mentioning" him in his Tweet.
  7. So we arrive at...