Everyone wanted to know what Phil Davis would change his Twitter account to. Here, we find out.

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  1. I sat in front of Phil Davis at the Delmarva Media Group's Bethany Beach office from sometime last summer until last Wednesday, March 16. He went by the Twitter handle, @DT_PhilDavis, the DT standing for Daily Times, the name of our daily newspaper.
  2. Here's Phil during a company barbecue.
  3. Phil was leaving to go to a paper called the Capital Gazette.
  4. That led to one question. We knew he wouldn't remain @DT_PhilDavis. So what would his new Twitter handle be?
  5. I brought up the issue to the Twitterverse on his last day.
  6. At the office, we went through many ideas. There were a lot of "Phil Davis" varieties already claimed on Twitter. He left the office that day without changing his Twitter handle.
  7. The next day, I looked to see if he changed his Twitter handle. Nope.
  8. The day after? Nope.
  9. Phil tweeted the following day — Saturday, March 19. But his name remained the same, at the time. Don't let the embed mislead you. He was still the @DT_PD we knew and loved.
  10. Sunday? At 6:14 p.m., it was a no. It was getting close to Monday, his first day at the new job. You'd think he'd change it by now.
  11. But later that night, Phil tweeted.
  12. At first, the world was just glad he tweeted. But if you took a closer look, you'd see he changed his name.
  13. It was time to alert the world.
  14. And so it was. Phil Davis is now @PhilDavis_CG on Twitter.
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