COMPOSITE DECK Related Articles


  1. Native Australian hardwoods are an excellent choice for decking because of their high density, toughness, durability and in some species, fire retardancy and termite resistance - great for Australian conditions. Hudson are proud suppliers of Boral® timber decking.
  2. Lighting is an important element that separates a mediocre composite deck from an impressive one. When designing a lighting scheme for your deck, you should first take into account what the deck will primarily be used for. Do you plan to have a lot of social gatherings? Do you want to create multiple areas of use, such as an outdoor kitchen and a space set aside for playing card games? Use a combination of perimeter and accent lighting to provide the necessary illumination for any outdoor activities you'd like to do on your deck.
  3. With so many different types and shades of timber decking to choose from, Decking Perth can help you select the deck that's right for you. From the first enquiry to installation Decking Perth will consult with you to build the timber deck of your dreams. So, to experience the professional service of Western Australia's most trusted timber deck construction company, contact us today.
  4. Wire decking. Wire decking on pallet racks contributes to the prevention of product damage and personnel injury when it's installed on pallet racks, wide-span shelving and rivet shelving systems. Made with welded steel mesh, it installs quickly and easily. To support the load, channels are welded to the bottom of the deck between pallet rack beams. One of the key advantages to this system is a cleaner shelf level. Dust and debris have difficulty accumulating. Additionally, it allows light and fire sprinkler water to pass through, improving safety.
  5. Although you will have to keep up maintenance on it, the natural wood deck has the best appearance to it. You can use a semi translucent sealer to leave the natural wood grain exposed or you can use a solid stain to color it to match just about any color you may need. If a board gets damaged by a scratch it can be sanded and sealed again to match. If need be that more than one board needs to be replaced, they can also be sealed to match in color.
  6. If you plan to do the deck cleaning yourself, start with the right equipment for the type of decking you have. You also need to invest time in the process. It takes time to get the overall look right. In addition, you will need to properly clean, then stain or paint the system. It is only after you do all of this that you will end up with a professional look and well protected platform.