A Good time, A G0ood Mug of coffee

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  1. The cafes have become a placid meeting center where you will be with friends, to have business meetings or otherwise, to provide quiet environments accompanied by the best coffee in a Coffee Mugs to be found in select markets. But we're not talking about any cafe, but those that offer certificates, gourmet or organic products, for increasingly demanding customers and knowledgeable about the quality of the succulent drink. 

    Coupled with the need for a proper setting for casual dialogues, the improvement in the production of coffee, guaranteeing a grain that meets international quality standards to be competitive in foreign markets as well as investment in this promising sector, has facilitated the mass of the coffee high level activity, i.e. that that you practice with focus on wellness product and environmental techniques. 

    Once producers get the golden grain with all the requirements that position it as a premium coffee, exports or highly competitive by its nature, is ready to marketed. 's precisely at this opportunity to take advantage of the national coffee export and the growing demand of the population of a well positioned between the variety of grain that offers worldwide product which cafes are an enabling environment for the success as a small business with a view to a long-term development. 

    Proliferation of cafes But this is not a unique phenomenon, as another element that has promoted these businesses is the expansion of the great chain, with stores under the brand Starbucks, well known around the world for being the favorite celebrities and knowledgeable about the different varieties of grain, when making a good coffee place. Starbucks was born in 1971 as a way to extend the Italian coffee culture in America. In Today this chain comprises more than seven thousand establishments in different countries around the globe. You can say to make gourmet coffee has become a fashion statement for many people.