How can AAA shooters 'do' anti-war?

A conversation between me, John Brindle, and Justin Keverne, alias Groping The Elephant, about whether AAA is really incapable of portraying war more critically. See Justin's blog here


  1. it began..............with a twet
  2. I was not sure at this point if JK was responding to things I said or things said within the interview by Porp (which it's not my place to 'defend'). In retrospect, it's possible I should have copied her into the discussion. But at the time I figured I'd just go with what I know I can do justice to: my own thoughts on the matter. Of which there are...a few?
  3. yep them's some thoughts
  4. This is also a point made very well in an unlikely but brilliant essay by FILM CRITIC HULK (allcaps)