Darren Espanto Earns Phenomenal Reactions For Singing Sia’s Chandelier

Young Filipino singer, Darren Espanto, covered Sia's Chandelier on Wish FM 107.5 Bus and was published via YouTube on August 11, 2015. The 14-year-old singer sang this difficult song while sitting down and the DJ commented that Espanto "made it look so easy."

  1. Filipino singer Darren Espanto earned superb reactions for his cover song Chandelier. #Darrenatics #DarrenEspanto https://t.co/vcDiKrgqcu
    Filipino singer Darren Espanto earned superb reactions for his cover song Chandelier. #Darrenatics #DarrenEspanto pic.twitter.com/vcDiKrgqcu
  2. Espanto’s video instantly turned viral and earned praises from supportive fans (Darrenatics) and professional bloggers across the globe. To date the said video earned 8.2 million views and still counting.
  3. While it is expected that positive reviews hail from the Philippines; nevertheless, Espanto’s rendition of Chandelier crossed borders, and currently, international reviews and reactions pop out of YouTube as Espanto earns new worldwide admirers over time.

    The blogger’s reactions and reviews are as entertaining as Espanto’s singing prowess. They unanimously praised Espanto’s voice and his capabilities for singing high notes with great ease [while still having fun.] If you are a Darren Espanto follower, such recognition is a welcoming treat, knowing that Espanto, who is already a singing sensation in the Philippines, may soon become a worldwide phenomenon.
  4. Here are some of the reaction videos published on YouTube:
  5. First is Debbie from the United States and she goes by the name HAJASCO1. Debbie said that she loves, loves, loves Espanto's voice and expresses her admiration with great dramatic passion and fondness. It is obvious that her reactions are truthful, honest and of course, very entertaining.
  6. Debbie finds Espanto handsome and cute, but dismayed that he is only 14 years old - a bit too young for potential boyfriend material. She thrills over Espanto's high notes and expresses such with orgasmic-like shivers. Towards the end, Debbie needs time to catch her breath and cries as she grasps for words to articulate how beautiful and perfect Espanto's voice is. She said that Espanto is heavenly and a total package. In her subsequent video reactions on Espanto's other songs, Debbie claims that Espanto is now her little brother.
  7. Darren Espanto - Chandelier (Sia) LIVE Cover REACTION
  8. Next is from blogger TOMA PUCK. He said that Espanto's voice is just beyond human... "the way darren espanto hits those high notes in his chandelier cover is just insanely beautiful with no questioning about it." While listening, Toma Puck had goosebumps and could not believe how perfect and flawless the cover was. He said it was "better than the original". Toma Puck added that Espanto's voice is more than just talent, and he hopes that Espanto goes far because Espanto is far better than many other singers out there.
  9. Another is from HOMIES REACT. He reacted to Espanto's video based of the many requests he received; and while listening, it blew him away and said that it was better than what he initially expected. Homies React kept saying "Oh my gosh" expressing his disbelief on how possible can this young Espanto sing such high notes. Towards the end, he kept asking "seriously?"...and commented that Espanto is a good artist and everybody has to hear "this dude's voice."
  10. Darren Espanto - Chandelier (Sia) REACTION
  11. Next is from REACTION BROS. These two guys reacted with "OMG, what the hell?" referring to Espanto's high pitch. One of the guys is wowed every time Espanto hit the high notes and said that Espanto is pure talent.
  12. Another is from KEV_REACTIONS. He claims that he likes Espanto's voice and Espanto's take on the song. He kept saying "Dang, kid..you got a crazy voice kid!"...referring to Espanto as very talented with vocals on point. He ended with "that was really dope man" and seemingly wonders if Espanto is getting all the girls in school.
  13. Darren Espanto - Chandelier 107.5 Wish F.M (REACTION)!
  14. Equally so is from SCOTTSHOULDERSVLOGS who commented that Espanto is "really, really, really good." He added that Espanto is nailing the notes and the whole performance was [again] on point. Towards the end, he said that Espanto gave an incredible performance and admired it more that Espanto was just sitting down, which in his opinion is a more difficult position to sing, let alone sing high notes. He said that he never heard of Espanto before but believes that Espanto will go very very far.
  15. Darren Espanto - Chandelier (Sia) LIVE Cover Reaction
  16. There is also one from CMA82NOW who has never heard of Darren Espanto, or Chandelier, or even Sia. As he enjoys his beer while listening, he caught himself saying "Wow!". He appeared floating to somewhere in oblivion as Espanto continues. CMA82NOW said that Espanto is young with such a command, and making it sound so easy - "just playing around." In disbelief he uttered "Dang, that was amazing...that was some crazy ass shit right there....I am impressed...I am stunned...wow...just wow...that range he had!"
  17. Darren Espanto-Chandelier-Sia-LIVE Cover on Wish FM 107.5-REACTION
  18. There are obviously many more video reactions found on YouTube but based on the ones gathered in this article - they all clearly praise Espanto. They all represent different audiences, different voices, different accents, different markets, different genres, different demographics, and different races - but one thing is certain - they are all unified by Espanto's vocal command and rendition.
  19. Even International singer Nicki Minaj saw the video and said "...so effortless...incredible voice!" The Minaj reaction was even covered by Philippine major TV stations and Jatamari's World.
  20. Darren Espanto Praised by Nicki Minaj
  21. If this reaction trend continues, Espanto will eventually be known to many others outside the Philippines. Given the perfect song and perfect timing, Espanto can easily be a major mover in the international music market scene...that is assumming that he is meticulously produced, marketed and advertised well. The talent is already there, the voice has already proven international accolades...it now boils down to proper branding and of course, the right pop song, a Grammy-level pop song perhaps.
  22. Darren Espanto is a Filipino singer from Canada and moved to Manila to join the Voice Kids Philippines. He won second place and since then he has been singing to thousands of screaming fans all over the Philippines and some Filipino-produced concerts abroad.
  23. Journalism for the Soul made this article possible based on Espanto's good moral values and the many inspirations he provides to humanity as a whole.