Chartership Chat, Thursday 30th May 213

Emma Suffield (@esuffield) organised a regular Chartership Chat - and celebrated tonight by announcing she has submitted her portfolio. Well done Emma! It was a busy chat with a few first-timers. The next Chartership Chat will be on Thursday 13th June at the usual time of 20.00 GMT


  1. @Jennylees kicked off the chat with a query about capturing evidence.
  2. Two people mentioned the use of Evernote for capturing content. 
  3. If This Then That (IFFTTT) is useful for automatically sending information from one tool to another and can be used to bring content from all around the web together in one place. It uses a series of 'recipes' which can be pre-defined or created from scratch. Gary Green (@ggnewed), has written several posts about creative ways of using IFTTT to keep up to date that might provide some inspiration about how to use it. Jo Alock has also previously written a blog post on Collecting Chartership Evidence Using a Google Form and Jennie Findlay has written about using a Wiki for Chartership.
  4. There were a few different questions about the suitability of using blogs as evidence...
  5. And a discussion around motivation. How do you find the motivation to complete it?
  6. There were a few suggestions. Setting a deadline...