Chartership Chat 13th June 2013

Chartership chat took place on Thursday 13th June between 8pm-9pm. In total, 15 people took part, including folk who have recently completed their portfolio and Candidate Support Officers. Next chat will take place on Thursday 4th July at 8pm. Follow and tweet using the #chartership tag.


  1. We started off by considering our goals from the last chat, and how we'd progressed over the past two weeks.
  2. Earlier in the day, I'd tweeted asking for recommended reading for 'reflective practice' and received some great responses providing some useful resources.  The participants in tonight's Chartership chat also had a few favourites. I added them to an Evernote entry []. Most people seemed to like the simplicity of the Rolfe 'What? So what? What now?' method, but different models may well work better for different kinds of activity.
  3. And then there was the ever-present issue of stockpiling evidence for the portfolio...  with some good advice from been-there-done-that participants who overcame the mental blocks to successfully complete the portfolio.