Reaction to CIF's 'blunder' with Campolindo

The California Interscholastic Federation mistakingly left Campolindo out of the NorCal Division III playoffs when North Coast Section commissioner Gil Lemmon submitted Miramonte as the fourth team from the section instead of the Cougars.

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  1. As the brackets were revealed in an e-mail to the media (the CIF web site, which was supposed to release them at 5 p.m., had crashed), it was discovered that Campolindo was left out of the field in the Northern Regional Division III playoffs when it should've been selected after Bishop O'Dowd was moved to the Open Division. Miramonte was instead selected as the fourth team from the NCS.
  2. I sent an e-mail to Gil Lemmon asking about Campo's absense and then called Cougars coach Matt Watson to see if he knew why his team didn't make it. 
  3. I later gave Gil Lemmon a call and at that point, he began to realize that he made a major mistake. 
  4. Yes, one can imagine that Miramonte -- the close regional and heated rival to Campo -- being selected instead made the situation even worse. 
  5. Watson gave me a call to tell me that he spoke with Lemmon and the problem will be corrected, likely by having Campo replace Miramonte as the No. 10 seed. 
  6. A logical idea seems to just add Campolindo to the field and keep Miramonte in there also.
  7. But unfortunately, that's probably not going to happen unless the CIF makes an exception (the CIF hasn't responded to an e-mail asking if that would be considered).
  8. Lemmon e-mailed me with an update of the situation. 
  9. As word spread to Miramonte, the Mats were understandably upset.