Day 3 Twitter Recap of Traverse 2017 #tvrse17

The Traverse '17 conference was held in Boulder, CO on June 5-7 at the Watershed School. This is a personal collection of tweets and 'grams* shared during the conference, separated into sections for readability. *Note: Not a complete collection.


  1. Welcome to Day 3 of Traverse

  2. Expedition Set #3

  3. Inspiration by Observation: Innovation Begins with an Eye
    with Nicole Martin and Meghan Cureton from Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

    Complex problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity are the top three skills necessary for success in the workplace 2020, according to the World Economic Forum. How are we teaching those skills? Who is responsible for teaching those skills? As teacher-leaders, what are we doing to improve our own practices in those three distinct areas? This session is all about getting out into the community to observe and ask questions, which are critical components to complex problem-solving and innovation. As Tom Kelley of IDEO says, “innovation begins with an eye” - an eye that is committed to observing the world around you for ways to hack or improve. We will leave the classroom and the school campus to explore what is right outside our doors. We’ll equip participants with tools to explore, capture observations and generate questions. During this three-hour session, pairs of participants will engage in an expeditionary learning-inspired session that will spark learning by doing.
  4. Zen and the Art of Learning
    with Jen Curtis and Hannah Nelson of Watershed School

    How can mindfulness support students and teachers to be happier and more effective in and out of the classroom? Join in an exploration of meditation, metacognition, and mindfulness as a practice to incorporate in classrooms to help individuals develop tools to reduce stress and anxiety, while increasing self awareness and reflection skills. Participants will get off campus to practice and identify ways to bring mindfulness into their classrooms and lives through small gestures and larger projects.
  5. Teaching and Embracing the Unknown
    with Jeff Osgood and Pablo Stayton of Watershed School

    Educators feel an immense pressure to be the expert in the room and to know exactly where their students’ learning is headed. Jump into a course where the end result isn’t known. Immerse yourself in a learning opportunity where students and real world experiences steer the learning. In this session, we will model how to bring the real world into the classroom and guide learning toward unknown outcomes.
  6. Architecture: An Experiment in Student Ownership and Professional Collaboration
    with Helen Higgins of Eagle Rock School

    The space in which we live, teach, and work are designed to fulfill a purpose. However, we rarely stop and consider the effect of these designs. By developing architectural thinking, students can examine the spaces around them rather than passively moving through them. Developing skills to explore design allows students to go beyond engagement within a class and integrate themselves into the realm of institutional decision-makers. In true project-based form, students can embark on challenging existing conditions and proposing solutions for spaces to serve them better. This workshop is a hands-on exploration of an architecture course in which students generated proposals for our schools' master plan. They were guided and instructed along the way by several of the original architects of our campus. We will take you through some of our experiences with the class as a starting point to think about authentic ways that students can take ownership of not only their educational engagement but also the spaces in which they spend their lives.
  7. Know Thyself, Know Thy Team: New Rules for Learning Collaboratively
    with Nikita Dyer from Trello and Christian Talbot from Malvern Prep & <basecamp>

    We know that our global community and economy demand that learners collaborate creatively. Yet effective collaboration often ​seems mysterious. But what if there were simple tools and simple questions to catalyze great teamwork? This Traverse expedition takes the form of an inner journey. You’ll explore the talents that come as easily to you as breathing--but which you may not realize. We will use StrengthsFinder as a jumping off point, so if you think might want to participate in this session please send a request to Christian [christian.talbot at] for a link to the online StrengthsFinder assessment (note: this does not obligate you to attend the session!)