Day 2 Twitter Recap of Traverse 2017 #tvrse17

The Traverse '17 conference was held in Boulder, CO on June 5-7 at the Watershed School. This is a personal collection of tweets and 'grams* shared during the conference, separated into sections for readability. *Note: Not a complete collection.


  1. Welcome to Day 2 of Traverse

  2. Expedition Set #1

  3. Inspiration by Observation: Innovation Begins with an Eye
    with Nicole Martin and Meghan Cureton from Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

    Complex problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity are the top three skills necessary for success in the workplace 2020, according to the World Economic Forum. How are we teaching those skills? Who is responsible for teaching those skills? As teacher-leaders, what are we doing to improve our own practices in those three distinct areas? This session is all about getting out into the community to observe and ask questions, which are critical components to complex problem-solving and innovation. As Tom Kelley of IDEO says, “innovation begins with an eye” - an eye that is committed to observing the world around you for ways to hack or improve. We will leave the classroom and the school campus to explore what is right outside our doors. We’ll equip participants with tools to explore, capture observations and generate questions. During this three-hour session, pairs of participants will engage in an expeditionary learning-inspired session that will spark learning by doing.
  4. Using Real-World Modeling to Enhance Mathematical Thinking
    with Janie Routh and Amir Erez of Watershed School

    What is modeling and how can it be used in the classroom? In this session, participants will engage in multidisciplinary modeling of the mathematical and physical science of projectile motion. Participants will work in groups to investigate and model the vertical and horizontal displacement of projectile motion as time elapses. There will also be a chance to examine previous student work to examine how modeling can be applied to different mathematical topics. Participants will have the opportunity to explore how modeling can be incorporated into their classroom. A mathematical background would be beneficial but is not mandatory.
  5. Seeking the Spark: What Drives Students To Take The Lead In Learning?
    with Jeff Osgood (Watershed School Faculty) and Ellie Griffin (Watershed School Student)

    Sometimes we find ourselves guessing at what will motivate and empower our students. Go to the source for facts on this issue and engage a panel of Watershed students ranging from 6th grade to 12th as they share what sparked their learning. Students will be asked to unpack stories behind academic gains and character development. Participants will have the chance to also sit down with the panel members and steer the conversation in new directions. We will wrap up with a debrief of what was heard and how we might go forth and add some combustion to our own communities.