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Held on October 9, 2015, the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation reimagined and redesigned the professional learning day for the Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. Below is a personal collection of the social media shares from the day. Note: It is not a complete collection of all tweets and such.

  1. UPDATE: A blog post has since been written about this event. Read more about it below...

  2. The Morning Meetup

  3. Course 1 Sessions

  4. Maker FC and Maker GC - Theory

    Description: How can space influence and accelerate interdisciplinary making and student agency? In this session we will dive into the theory of practice behind MakerEd. Fly through the design for Studio (i) / HIVE. Learn how our new spaces can remove obstacles to interdisciplinary work. Take away ideas of how we can uncover maker superpowers in ourselves and with our students.
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