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New Baden Axe bat on course to change baseball and softball

The Axe bat, with a unique asymmetric handle, is a patented design that promotes an ergonomically correct grip, a less restrictive swing & greater bat speed. Hitters get more leverage. The Baden Axe is approved for use in all amateur, collegiate & professional baseball & softball games.


  1. On April 5, 2012, in the season opener against the Pirates, Jimmy Rollins got the first confirmed MLB hit with an Axe bat! Here's a photo of Rollins warming up that day (with the Axe): 

  2. April 5, 2012 coverage from Baseball and Athletic Director: 
  3. Spring training 2012 update: Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies hit a monster solo home run with the Axe bat in the fifth inning against Tony Watson of the Pirates on March 12, his first of the season. Video at bottom of this story. 
  4. Baden Axe endorser and MLB hitting legend Jay Buhner demonstrates and discusses the bat:
  5. UCSD (San Diego) is one of many college baseball programs using the Axe exclusively. The others are North Georgia University, University of Redlands, Marietta College, Ashland University and Ohio Dominican University. Here's a story from Fox 8 in Cleveland discussing the bat: 
  6. In an informal video, ESPN baseball analyst, and former MLB player John Kruk shares his enthusiasm for the Axe bat. 
  7. John Kruk on the Baden Axe
  8. Here are two photos of the Axe bat, including a close up of the unique handle and another showing one of the bats approved for professional baseball. If you click through, then click on the images you will get a larger version of them.
  9. Video of Jimmy Rollins hitting his homer with the Axe on 3/12/2012. 
  10. Jimmy Rollins of the Phillies hits home run with Baden Axe bat
  11. Official release from Baden:
  12. Softball great Danielle Lawrie on the Axe:  "I've played with many different types of bats growing up around the game and I can honestly say the Axe is the first one where I really can feel my hands through the hitting zone. After using this there's no way I can see myself using anything else." 
  13. Learn more and buy an Axe bat:
  14. 3/15/12 update: Joe Dana of NBC in Phoenix discussed the Axe on the air. Two corrections: Baden is based in Seattle, not Phoenix, also Rollins homer was Monday 3/12, not Tuesday. Watch the video (preceded by ad):