The Adventures of MLA Dog

Mary the Dog took a trip to Chicago for MLA 2014. Here's her account with a little help from her dad.


  1. First a little history...
    Jessifer: In 2012, Mary went to her first MLA convention in Seattle.
  2. Jessifer: Her second trip to MLA 2014 in Chicago was a little less low key, thanks to her mention in the Chronicle of Higher Education's article "4 Scholars to Watch at MLA 2014."
  3. Jessifer: On a completely unrelated note, she doesn't want anyone to forget her front page appearance at the Lake Oswego Review. She wrote a spine poem with a little help.
  4. Jessifer: Her next brush with fame was an offer of an interview from the amazing Ruth Starkman. This Storify is, in fact, part of her response. 
  5. Mary the Dog: Unfortunately, dogs aren't allowed at the panels or in the exhibit hall by ruling of the MLA Executive Director.
  6. Mary the Dog: But my dad told me about some of his favorite panels:
  7. Mary the Dog: This last is the one that interested me most, and you can bet I wouldn't have missed the opportunity for a fist bump with Cheryl Ball's animaled-mittens.
  8. Jessifer: Mary's role in the human exchanges is outlined in this article she shared. She watched human-human interactions with intense curiosity. During the event, she also noted a certain intensity on the Twitters, and its various offspring.
    Mary the Dog: Ultimately, seemed like ordinary human goings-on, but compressed into a small space and time, which meant lots of emotion and intellect without the usual pauses for stuff like breathing or lying or sitting (which I like to do a lot of).