Net Neutrality Will Not Go Quietly

On May 2, 2012, Hybrid Pedagogy hosted a discussion about Net Neutrality, considering the broader implications for educators and learners.


  1. How can educators combat the imminent public beheading of net neutrality? It's important to engage a much larger group in this discussion, including contingent faculty, administrators, and especially students. 

    Every writer, artist, activist, student, and teacher should be concerned about ‪#‎netneutrality‬. No digital project, archive, platform, tool, journal, or community is immune. For anyone that runs a non-profit website, like Hybrid Pedagogy, the death of net neutrality is like a spear right in the skull. 

    This Storify features tweets from and leading up to the #digped chat on May 2, 2012. You can read the original announcement here and I've gathered highlights from the conversation below. The Storify concludes with a plethora of links, resources, articles, petitions, videos, and more.
  2. If you're unfamiliar with Net Neutrality, start here:

  3. The stir of conversation that inspired our #digped chat:

  4. Highlights from the #netneutrality #digped Chat

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  6. Alchemist Killing Hamlet
    Alchemist Killing Hamlet