What's your #4wordpedagogy?


  1. I was sitting at a conference this weekend, immediately after I had just given a keynote with a very basic thesis: "students are not columns in a spreadsheet."
  2. I sat listening to teachers talking about teaching. Lovely teachers. Brilliant teachers. Struggling to reconcile the work we do and the institutional pressures we face. I've been in these rooms before.
  3. I tweeted:
  4. Then, I invited others to join in my riff on the 4 word story.
  5. Shortly after, I returned home, took a nap, and woke to discover the hashtag was "trending" with almost 1300 tweets in less than six hours. Two days later, there have been more than 4500 tweets.
  6. Lots of inspiration. Some hilarity. Some parody. Some critique. And quite a few novel and nuanced pedagogical ideas in just four words. All of it a useful starting point for conversation.
  7. I'm collecting here a small selection of the ones that inspired me. The ones that asked hard questions of me.
  8. First, several of my favorites: