Command and control electrical switch boards and electric substations.


  1. The command and control electric switch boards are fundamental in an engine generator and must dependably guarantee impeccable efficiency. Its errand is to utilize particular tools to check the right working of the equipment associated with it. Command and control electrical switch boards are utilized as a part of each circumstance where a complete and constant checking of the entire procedure of energy generation is needed.

    Electrical switchboards of this kind can be of the PLC logic (Programmable Logic Controller) or Relay sort: the previous are intended for plants in which supervision systems on different levels are needed, and are composed by procedure that must be mechanized. They are utilized as a part of the mechanical and civil sphere because of their amazing flexibility that permits them to be utilized in large plants and in local situations also. The last are basically planned for thermoelectric or hydroelectric power stations.

    Thorough safety gadgets are connected on all TECOP command and control switchboards to guarantee the security of professionals in each circumstance; besides, the advanced innovation with which they are designed and created guarantees extraordinary accuracy, reliability and the possibility to monitor perplexing and expanded modern procedures.

    TECOP's production range features command and control podiums; instrumental and measure protection switchboards; command and control switchboards with electromechanical logic; comman and control switchboards for cogeneration frameworks.

    Specific consideration is paid to the creation of command and control switchboards equipped for fulfilling the particular needs of structures which produce energy: so there are parallel switchboards for hydroelectric and thermoelectric power stations and electric substations; programmable logic command and control switchboards for force stations and electrical substations; protection and measure switchboards for power stations and electrical substations; relay logic command and control switchboards for power stations and electrical substations.

    The utilizations of order and control electrical switchboards range from thermoelectric power stations and wind power plants to steelworks and biomass power plants; specifically, as highlighted in the photos, TECOP has directed the establishment of working and control switchboards in Italy and abroad (Egypt, Sri Lanka and Brazil).

    An electrical substation is a backup station of a power generation, transmission and distribution framework where voltage is changed from high to low or the reverse utilizing transformers. Electric power may flow through a few substations between producing plant and consumer, and may be changed in voltage in a few steps.

    A substation that has a step up transformer expands the voltage while decreasing the current.