John Gruber


Xeni Jardin

Madam Boing. Breast cancer isn't something I have, but something my body is currently doing. I tweet about this, and all that my mind is doing.

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Jordan Cohen

PR @nytimes @nytmag @tmagazine

Jonathan Wegener

Building a time machine: (co-founder) • BK-based techie, AirBnB slumlord, haver of good ideas •Co-creator of ExitStrategyNYC

Jake Beckman

Assignment Editor @BloombergTV. Social media journalist. Formerly at ABC News.

Phire / Jenny

One day I'll have a witty one-liner bio about myself that I don't need to obsessively edit every three weeks.

mary jane weedman

Mostly I eat pizza.

Jake Fogelnest

Call me on my home phone number: (646) 484-5323.

max read

I make content for content location All RTs are explicit endorsements. #tcot #tr00kvlt #teamfollowback

Louis Peitzman

Your tweets are fragile and funny. - Moshe Kasher

Cuauhtemoc Sandoval

marketing/ad nerd, runner, foodie, avid concert-goer, @RGA client services and all around dork at heart.

Tim Carmody

I write about technology & media for's Epicenter & sometimes the magazine. Resident bookfuturist at Snarkmarket. Recovering PhD. Dad.


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