Marianna Mignani

'I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else.' 21 years old (how did that happen?). Reader. Whovian. Feminist.

Jon Brady

scottish student multimedia journalist | takes photographs of the news, sometimes | my tweets, RTs not endorsements, DBAA

Stan Veritas

Entrepreneur is just French for 'has ideas, does them.' -- World Travel, History, Mobile Tech, Global Trends, Enterprise Change. @godoBerlin @gododone

Hunter Schwarz

Reporter, Washington Post. I cover politics and its intersection with pop culture. Formerly BuzzFeed Los Angeles bureau.

Cried when Chewbacca died. Media Studies student. 40% Politics RTs, 40% Culture RTs, 20% BS. Purported Evangelical Christian via

Andy Adams

New Media • Photography • Digital Culture

Josh Peterson

journalist. musician. martial artist. photographer. National Technology Reporter for, a project of The Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity twitter: @jdpeterson | tips:


Elisabeth Butler Cordova, a Southerner who's lived in Brooklyn for 10 years. Wife, mama and news editor for Opinions are mine. #Binders #WPS

Giacomo Balli

 Mobile Consultant & Entrepreneur ⋯ #Monetization ⋯ App Store Optimization #ASO ⋯ Mission, #SF ★ USTA 4.5 Tennis ★ CTO ⚓️ @cruiseable

Abigail Giese

University of Georgia journalism and new media student hoping to go into digital media or sports media.

Karen Pilarski

Freelance Contributor at Professional and Writer Available for Hire.

luis antónio santos

Journalist. University lecturer. Not-so-early tech adopter. Curious. Very much so. Portuguese. Born in Mozambique. Into newsroom transformations.

Jerry Doremus

UX/UI and Web/publishing professional. Check out my curated online magazines at and

The Mad Strummer.

Musician. Stay-at-home dad. Occasional feminist blogger. Nerd. Sports fan. Unapologetic Ovation player. Owner of an unusually large cat. I like owls.

Luke Maciak

I do internet things on the web using Vim.