Social Good Apps Breakfast for Nonprofits and Developers, Hosted by Caravan Studios

October 5, 1920c Coworking Space, 950 Grant Ave, 2nd Floor, SF CA 94108 < > #apps4changedemo


  1. A full house gathered to hear from 9 presenters demoing their apps in development. Marnie Webb, CEO of Caravan Studios, a division of Techsoup, opened it up by welcoming everyone and thanking 1920c for hosting in their beautiful Chinatown, SF coworking space! A special thanks to sponsors GitHub and La Mediterranee.

  2. Marnie asked for a show of hands: who was looking for a job, and who had jobs, and suggested they talk afterwards - always a nice way to start an event!

  3. First up was Teagan Widmer @twidx with Refuge Restrooms @refugerestrooms, a LGBTIQQ restroom locator, which helps trans, intersex, and gender non-conforming individuals find safe bathrooms to use.

  4. Next up were Gregor Ruthven, Nikki Smith, Shawn Smith of Reach @ReachText, a text-answering app for 211 agencies. The app collects eligibility information and refer texters automatically matching services. They aim to improve eligibility, increase coverage, and lower costs at 211 agencies.

  5. And then Alex Petrov shared his app Yes Health @YesHealthNow, a new all-mobile diabetes prevention program for people with pre-diabetes who need to change their lifestyle to avoid the onset of type 2 diabetes. Yes Health empowers people to reach and maintain a healthy weight, stay active and feel better by providing nutrition, fitness and well being advise with instant, personal coaching, a personalized plan and easy progress tracking.