My Day in Tweets

On Tuesday 23rd September 2014 I tweeted my day to give an insight into the life of an academic and Head of School. It's not a typical day because there's no such thing - it's just a day. Some other days are similar, some are not. This one was busy but no busier than most and it was varied.


  1. I did warn people prior to the event - just in case they wanted to tune out!
  2. My day, as usual if I am in the office, started around 6am with the alarm going off. What wasn't usual is that K brought me a cup of tea in bed. We do that every now and again but usually are too reluctant to get up during the week so normally it's a weekend thing - didn't want you to think I was totally spoilt! The other unusual is breakfast - that often happens at the office.
  3. Now who wouldn't want to come to work on such a lovely campus? That is one of the real perks of working where I do - and I'm not the only one. colleagues saw the tweet and one or two agreed - here's one:

  4. Nobody really did ask anything! The idea of tweeting your day, or following someone's day seemed to be quite interesting to some though!