WORLD AIDS DAY: Increasing statistics in Ireland

In May, The Irish Times was releasing a worrying article about the record numbers of people diagnosed with HIV. The Circular decided to assess the situation on the occasion of the World AIDS Day.

  1. World AIDS Day is a chance to show support for the millions living with HIV & commemorate those who've died from AIDS-related illnesses. Take a moment to read this post from @DCULGBTAand learn about how HIV stigma is impacting people in Ireland  @HIVIreland
  2. Ireland's Health Protection published statistics showing that 512 people were diagnosed with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in 2016, including 77 % of male and 23% of females. This year already 450 cases have been identified so far, If these statistics keep increasing, Ireland will soon count the highest number of HIV diagnoses.
  3. The Circular asked for George, member of LGBT Ireland, what are the precautions to take and how can we help in this World Aids Day. "First, we must with the HIV Ireland group, embed the availability of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PreP) which is a proven method of preventing HIV transmission, and an amazing way to advice and support people who are living with the HIV."
  4. Today is #WorldAIDSDay2017 From Monday @TevaUSA #PrEP will be available in Ireland. Proven to reduce transmission of HIV.
  5. PreP is a daily medication which can reduce the risk of infection among the HIV negative people with high risk.Unfortunately, these tablets are only available on prescription and cost more than €400 per month in Ireland. George adds: "This morning Taoiseach Leo Varadkar release an important information on Twitter. Indeed, a generic version of the PrEP is going to be released in every pharmacy on Monday." The second good news is that this medicine created by Teva Pharmaceuticals will cost only €80 to €100 per month - so, 75% cheaper than the real product.
  6. In the early 80's, it was not even conceivable to live a long life with HIV. With the therapeutic progress science made, nowadays people with HIV are able to live normal lives without even thinking about their disease. Franck has been diagnosed 20 years ago in Ireland, he is a retired member of LGBT talking about his situation now. "I was taking more than 10 tablets every day, in early 2000 to 5 per day."Thanks to the donation and the progress of science, now Franck reduced his consumption of pills and lives better than before. He adds "Now I can do sport with my treatment. What is still hard for me is the regard of people when I tell them that I have the HIV, even if mentalities are changing, sometimes I'm facing people who are not able to understand how I've been contaminated."
  7. The Executive Director of HIV Ireland explains that the most important change in terms of HIV over the last 30 years, is the access to medicines. It is mainly linked to all the donations funding, research and development in this medical range. Alexia is a student at Griffith College and she talked to The Circular about her willingness concerning the donations. "I had one friend who died because of the HIV because the tablets were unaffordable where he was living", she adds "so every year, on the 1st of December I give €50 to the foundations of the country I'm living in to support those brave people and show them that they have support all around the world, and I hope in some decades science will be able to cure this disease." So, If like Alexia, you want to participate in this donation, you can do it online on
  8. If you or one of your friend have any doubt, Free Rapid HIV testing takes place at the following locations:
  9. - The Sexual Health Centre in Cork will be welcoming anyone who would like to take a Rapid HIV test between 9 am and 5 pm on 1st of December.
  10. - GOSHH (Gender, Orientation, Sexual Health, HIV) in Limerick will be opened on 1st of December from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm.
  11. - Rapid HIV testing is taking place on December 1st in Outhouse, Capel Street in Dublin from 9 am to 1 pm.
  12. For more information: The Circular advice you to watch this great documentary made by Greg Barker and William Cran, which provides an insight into the lives of brave and courageous people fighting against this disease, and the emergence of AIDS in the early 60s.
  13. The Age of Aids full documentary