Is the Zombie Invasion still menacing us?

Apocalyptic scenario and horror films, the phenomenon zombie long controversial at the international level. Theorists and conspirators have seized it for years, emitting the wildest theories.

  1. The overpublicized zombie phenomenon?
  2. The zombie invasion has scared a lot of people for years. Some even think that a bacteriological weapon could turn the entire population into zombies. The last famous writer who discussed the subject at length is the philosopher Charles Taylor, who spoke of his fear of a zombie virus in a conference in New York. Moreover, a virus may exist, it remains to prove, what we know is that a drug called the crocodile's drug had been reported to the authorities in the United States after a violent aggression on a man in Los Angeles in July 2016. The symptoms: an aggressiveness that pushes the consumer to a state of quasi-cannibalism. At the end of 2013, there were, among other things, but largely because of this drug, 34 attacks per bite.
  3. If this man tells you something, you already know a lot about the undead. Indeed, this character represents a future that could occur, following some people. The Walking Dead maintains this mystery that could one day happen to us. The series with the start of its seventh season is a hit with US viewers and across Europe. AMC through Rick and his companions portrays an ultra-realistic story of an apocalyptic scenario where killing becomes daily. Touching and disturbing; this series seduces and is the first testimony of what could happen in case of extinction of the human race by "zombification". But let's be clear; the extinction of the human race would not be beneficial for anyone,
  4. The phenomenon goes so far that scientists have developed survival guides. The book references precautions, where to go and how to survive? Yes, it is necessary, you must know how to make a "shiv" to kill zombies with a simple piece of wood and a razor, in case of invasion. From basic survival advice, to diet and the different types of weapons are explained in several books. Most notable is Max Brooks one, based on sketches, graphics, diagrams, and detailed illustrations. This book will save your life if one day a massive virus is spread on earth.

  5. What is more amazing, is that in addition to the terror and the fantasy of some, the threat of a bacteriological weapon that would turn everyone into a zombie exists. But meanwhile, the frightening living death is bringing money back to a lot of developers, authors and directors. The last area affected by the zombie trend is Fashion. Indeed, a tattooed man from head to toe dubbed on social networks. His name: Zombie boy (or @ricothezombie) is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world right now. Here is his face:
  6. More than his career as model beginning with a catwalk for Thierry Mugler, he just started in cinema, playing in the TV series Silent Witness and he also made the cover of GQ JAPAN.

  7. Of course, Zombie Phenomenon is inspiring more than Fashion, many comics now exist on the "Zombie Invasion" 's topic.
  8. While we are still alive and waiting for the zombie invasion we should all listen to this amazing song from The Cranberries - Zombie: