Uproar over Michigan's new anti-bullying bill

Michigan recently passed a new piece of legislation requiring public schools to adopt anti-bullying policies. Sounds great right? Wrong. Unfortunately this bill does not protect all students from bullying,


  1. On November 2nd legislation was passed in Lansing. Democrats do not support this bill for the reason that it will not protect all students. 
  2. Michigan residents are outraged because of this bill, but why? 
  3. This bill has an exemption to bullying motivated by "moral or religious reasons." 
  4. Michigan Senator and Democratic leader, Gretchen Whitmer conveyed her outrage towards this bill to the Republican senators. 
  5. Senator John Gleason Responds to Pro-Bullying Bill Passed by Republicans
  6. Do Something.org, a nonprofit organization expressed their concerns on the irony of this situation. 
  7. The Washington Post published an article in their religion and politics section specifically outlining the possible ramifications to allowing religious bullying. 
  8. This bill was entitled Matt's Safe School Law in response to Matt Epling, a teenager who committed suicide as a result from bullying. His father, Kevin Kipling spoke out about why he believes this bill will not change bullying. He encourages people to keep fighting against it to promote change. 
  9. MI Senate response
  10. The LGBT community is in uproar in fear of gay bullying increasing as a result of these stipulations. 
  11. Michigan residents, like Catherine Alfaro, continued to express their negative opinions for this bill. 
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  13. Mike Flanagan, Michigan's Superintendent bashed the bill and called it a "joke." 
  14. Gretchen Whitmer made a video compiling Michigan's children's experiences with bullying and their responses to the new legislation.  
  15. Michigan's Children Speak Out Against Republican Pro-Bullying Legislation
  16. Stephen Colbert presented his opinions on the new bill in his show The Colbert Report. It turns out that "bullying is alright as long as you get a permission slip from God.' 
  17. Colbert Report: The Word - Bully Pulpit
  18. Recently, there has been talk of reviewing the language of the bill and revising it in coming weeks.